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Practical consciousness

In 2009 during fieldwork for my master thesis, I discovered the best method for emotional and mental hygiene and building inner resilience that I have found so far. It is called Practical Consciousness and it enables you to get to know yourself deeply, regain control over your life from the autopilot, free yourself from disturbing emotions and thoughts, and understand what you can do to unfold your potential.

Practicing it has enabled me to free myself daily from negative emotional and thought patterns and become a happier,  more productive, focused and resilient person. I believe that a person living consciously ceases to be a burden to her/himself, to others and the planet. In this way, personal transformation enables achieving sustainable development for the benefit of all.


To help others with their inner cleanup as well, I went through a 400 h training to become a certified teacher.
I have been teaching Practical Consciousness since 2019.

Practical Consciousness info day

Sunday, 08.10.23 at 11:00 to 13:00 in Yks Maja, Nõmme, Tallinn

Practical Consciousness I-II

Sundays, 05., 12., 19 and 26th of November from 10:00 to 14:00 in Yks Maja, Nõmme, Tallinn

Follow up session: Conscious parent-conscious child

26.04.23 Online

Live event: deepening the practice of PC I live on three Mondays

14. and 21. November and 5th of December at 17:00-21:00 in Lilleoru
For more i
nformation, please check out the webpage of Practical Consciousness Foundation.

Bi-weekly joint practice meetings for alumni of the I & II courses 

Regular joint online practice sessions for course alumni will proceed in the Spring in German, English and Estonian, on Saturdays and Sundays. For more info and links, please contact me directly. This meeting is only open for alumni of the I & II courses.


About the courses

Do you believe that other people and circumstances are causing problems in your life, and to avoid problems you have to change others and the outside world? Has anyone managed to change you? Influence yes, but changed? Experience shows that it is very hard to change someone else. But each of us can change themselves - once you've learned how to do it.

Knowing your inner world enables making real change through consciously changing your inner world. This is important not only to solve problems, but also to discover and open up your possibilities and unknown potential.

In the Practical Consciousness courses you will learn why emotions play such a leading role in our life and how we affect our own life through our uncontrolled emotions. You will learn specific methods to let go of the automatically rising emotions as soon as they appear. This enables you to get rid of all conflict-laden emotional reactions in your life.

Course 1 CLARITY

When I ask myself the question - am I the body? - and check whether I feel like such, the answer is always - no. When I check if I am an emotion the answer is the same. The same with thoughts. If you ask yourself - how do I know that, you discover your ability to distinguish and become aware. If you ask further - who makes the difference? - the answer is always: me. Everyone experiences themselves as I.

In the course you will independently reach a different experience of yourself. The five-body system shows us that what we call human today does not correspond to our immediate empirical experience. Until you discover the five-body system practically, you believe in an image of man not based on empirical, experiential reality. Getting to know your holistic self creates a new, stable basis for your identity.

At the course you will learn:

  • to orientate in your inner world; 

  • to discover and know the five different groups of phenomena or bodies; 

  • you practically discover your most valuable tool and secret weapon - consciousness; 

  • you will get to know the absolute truth: there is only one subject and an infinite number of objects; 

  • you get a practical experience of your true being.

Course 2 - EMOTIONS

We often feel that we are constantly missing something. In reality it is the other way around: we have far too many processes in us that control our lives independently of our will. After you get to know your abilities and possibilities, you can start to free yourself of the unnecessary, superfluous and limiting. We consume all kinds of external triggers that activate positive emotions. We work too hard to make money in order to acquire opportunities to experience something positive. The problem is that the positive emotions are unstable. So we constantly need something new again to activate a new positive emotions. So we waste our whole life on chasing positive emotions because we know - if a positive emotion doesn't come, a negative one comes instead. There seems to be no way out of this vicious circle.

At the course you will learn:  

  • How to break problems down into parts;

  • To notice that the life force of any problem is the emotion associated with it;

  • To become aware of your emotions;
  • To understand that instead of ignoring, hiding, substituting, expressing, or depressing emotions, there is a more effective alternative - letting go;

  • How to let go of emotions related to the past and ideas;
  • How to let go of daily rising (pop-up) emotions in real time in different situations;

  • Independently letting go of local, chronic and other emotions that directly affect physical health;

  • Letting go of constantly active background emotions;

  • To change your character. 

How big a role do negative emotions - disappointment, depression, jealousy, laziness, anger etc - play in your life? How much of your lifetime do they take? How do they shape your relationships with yourself and with others?

Everyone wants to replace an existing bad feeling with something better, something more. That's why we have loans, relationship crises, and an increasing number of people with depression. Now imagine that you no longer have these bad feelings that you are trying to replace with new and better ones with great effort? Less is more also in this sphere. Releasing the disturbing and useless emotions, you create space for new possibilities.

The first two courses are always taught together.

The Practical Consciousness course series consisting of 5 courses was developed in 2008 by the Estonian yoga master Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda.

For more information, please check out the Practical Consciousness webpage (in English).

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