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Since I can remember, I have asked myself: what is good life? How do different groups understand it and try to achieve it? Which are the consequences?


At first, I was interested in mythological and literary utopias (BA), but after working at the ethnographic Estonian National Museum I was inspired to ask this question about the contemporary time as well (MA). I continued with empirical studies, which led me over time to exploring sustainable development as one of the biggest ideals of good life of our times, focusing on governance and civil society rhetoric and practices (PhD).

Since then I have been engaged in urban sustainability projects, studied social movements pushing for change towards more sustainable ways of life and explored cultural and individual dimensions of sustainability transition. 

In recent years I have explored the personal and inner dimensions of the UN´s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the way mindfulness can contribute to transition and help us change our unsustainable thought and action patterns.

After a short and refreshing break in sustainability consultancy, I´m back in sustainability research focusing on co-creating urban and circular transitions, supporting climate adaptation and doing policy analysis at Stockholm Environment Institute and Estonian Business School


Click here (Estonian Research Information System) to see a list of my academic publications and read the open access texts.

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