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In search for improvement and happiness we tend to look outside, hoping to find the solution behind the next corner, in the next development or next innovation. By doing it, we tend to forget that you yourself are the key to your own well being, happiness and creativity.

We have not learned how to understand and manage ourselves. This is not taught at school and at home we mostly learn how to suppress our emotions and fit into the societal norms. This creates tensions and inner conflicts, which often escalate to conflicts between people. We often lack the understanding and methods for changing the situation.

I dedicated over a decade to finding methods for achieving personal sustainability. I´m happy to help you find your path to your personal sustainability that offers clarity and enables you to transform your life. Realizing that by changing yourself you change the world is very empowering.  

​​I´m glad to offer you a safe space for exploring your life questions. Together we will find a way for you to design - or redesign - your life to be more meaningful, fulfilled, conscious and aligned with your best aspirations. I´m glad to support you on your way towards finding your personal sustainability and making sure it fits within the bigger sustainable development framework, benefiting others as well.

  • Standard individual and group sessions last 60 minutes.

  • Coaching is available in English, German and Estonian.

  • If you have further questions or wish to book a session, please use the contact form below.

NB! Next sessions available for September 2023.

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